Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fishing Report -- 04-23-16

Today Zach was on board for a fly fishing only day. Zach must have been a very good boy recently because the ocean was extremely good to him today. The weather forecast was a little iffy but it swung to the better than expected side and allowed us to get into the ocean and have an absolute blast. The day started nice and early in the dark fishing dock lights for Snook. I think just over 15 Snook and a few Jacks were landed before the sun came up. The biggest Snook was 27 inches. Right as the sun came up the bigger Jacks started busting mullet close by and Zach got into the action with two nice 20 lb class fish taken on popper. We ventured into the ocean and found minnows close to the beach being hit by False Albacore (Bonitos). Zach landed 3 fish the biggest weighing 18 lbs (also on popper). The Jacks were also showing in good numbers near the Albies. Zach got to catch as many as he wanted with the largest weighing in at 28 lbs. We had a brief encounter with a Cobia and some disinterested sharks to round out the day. Pretty nice day when the angler catches pretty much everything that came by, nicely done Zach.     

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Fishing Report -- 04-16-16

Tough day of Snook fishing for Roy and Ollie today as the live bait guy did not show. Without the smaller live baits (Pilchards or Threadfins) the Snook fishing around the docks is so much tougher. We did manage to net some mullet to use however the mullet were a little more on the Tarpon bait size than on the Snook size. They didn’t get a lot of bites but the bites they did get with the bigger baits were quality size Snook.    

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fishing Report -- 03-26-16

Al was with me for another day of fly fishing with the mission to upsize the targeted species a bit. The Snook on fly the other night were fun but we were after the Spinner Sharks on fly this time. The sharks have started leaving early this year and it was tough going early on. We were not seeing any signs of sharks. Although it was not too windy the ocean had a nasty chop on it which made keeping your balance and fly casting at the same time challenging. We did come across some Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish which kept Al busy for a while until we finally bumped into some sharks. The first shark Al hooked was a jumper but after about 5 or so jumps it managed to break the wire leader. The next shark hooked cooperated nicely and stayed hooked. Al did well to keep good pressure on the fish throughout the fight although the boat was rocking and rolling pretty good. After about 30 minutes Al landed his biggest fish on fly. Nicely done Al, mission accomplished.   

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