Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fishing Report -- 08-17-13

Last year George and his three sons Max, Taylor and Chase fished with me and had perfect weather. This year the wind was borderline but we pushed out into the ocean for half the trip. Max, Taylor and Chase all caught Bonitos and Blue Runners before it got too rough and we had to come inside. At this stage they had landed about 10 fish between them. Inside was nice and calm and the Ladyfish and Jacks were cooperating nicely. The boys went to town all catching multiple fish of each species. Taylor got the weirdest catch of the day with a hefty sized Gafftopsail  Catfish. At the end of the ½ day trip they must have landed around 35 fish between the three of them. Nice going guys, maybe next time you should let your dad catch a few.  
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Fishing Report -- 08-16-13

Glenn & Craig were on board for their annual fishing trip with me. Last year it was raining and rough and we were restricted to fishing inside. This year was the exact opposite, perfect weather, calm winds and calm seas. We started the morning by casting lures at busting Snook, Jacks, Tarpon & Ladyfish. Snook, Jacks and Ladyfish were landed before they got a really big bite on a swimming plug. It took off like a rocket and had us puzzled as to what was hooked. About 45 minutes later and much perspiration from Craig we were able to see that it was a shark that was hooked in the pectoral fin. I really wanted to get my $20 plug back so Craig continued to fight the shark and we actually ended up landing the fish and getting the plug back. After that action slowed we headed off shore. We found a Cobia, some Bonitos and small Sharks. Hoping for something more spectacular we pushed further offshore and on a weedline Craig hooked into and landed his first Sailfish. Just as the Sailfish was landed the breeze began to pick up so we headed in to do some Snook fishing. Between Glenn & Craig they must have landed about 20 Snook, mostly males. Right at the end of the day they managed to land two nice female fish to wrap up the trip in fine fashion. Lots of fish and lots of different species (8 species in all) we caught, Craig’s first Sailfish was however definitely the highlight of the day.   
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Fishing Report -- 08-14-13

Greg wanted to take his son Brannan for his first offshore fishing adventure. For a change this summer the weather was perfect, just as it should be for this time of the year. Bait was pretty easy to get and we were set to see what crazy stuff we could get going. Brannan started off by catching a few Bonitos to get things going. Greg hooked a Sailfish in between the Bonitos but unfortunately it threw the hook on its first jump. After a bunch of Bonitos were landed the big rod came out and Greg got connected to a decent size Bull Shark which was released after much huffing, puffing and sweating. The vote from Greg was not to catch another Bull Shark so we moved off to see what else we could find. Greg ended up hooking and landing a Sailfish and Brannan landed a small Kingfish. On the way back to the boat ramp we had a look for some Snook and Greg ended up landing a medium sized fish. Probably about 30 fish were landed, 9 different species in all. There you go Brannan, hopefully you can keep that pace going every trip you take offshore.

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Fishing Report -- 08-11-13

Paul & Eric were in town for their annual 3 day fishing trip. Last year they came in June wanting to target Tarpon but brought the wind with them which killed the Tarpon fishing. This year they came in August, usually the calmest month of the year for wind, however they brought the wind with them again preventing us from getting into the ocean. With the dirty water and lack of bait on the inside fishing was challenging to say the least. They caught a lot of fish and 9 different species but just nothing really spectacular. They did well considering the conditions but it was very disappointing for both them and me knowing what the fishing would have been like if the wind had laid down while they were in town. They are seasoned fishermen and know the game, they’ll give it a go again next year.
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Fishing Report -- 08-03-13

Mika, Jaana & Sherry were onboard for a long overdue fishing trip. Bad news was that the wind was blowing too strong to allow us into the ocean, this forced us to fish inside which actually turned out to be a pretty good day on the Tarpon. It was an outgoing tide and remained overcast all morning. The Tarpon were unusually cooperative for a change. 9 Tarpon were hooked and 6 landed, 2 by each angler. Not big Tarpon by any means but catching them on light tackle was still challenging. Mika has fished some but I believe this may have been Jaana’s first saltwater fishing trip, she of course landed the biggest Tarpon and had an even bigger one hooked up that threw the hook. In between the Tarpon some Jacks, Blue Runners and even a Mutton Snapper were caught. Fortunately for this group the bad news on the wind turned out to be good news on the Tarpon.  
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Fishing Report -- 07-25-13

Lin & Ollie (see report dated 06-22-13) continued their fish catching adventure. Pushing more offshore they caught all the False Albacore they wanted (Bonitos). We fish these on light spinning tackle and fly tackle making them an absolute blast to catch. Mixed in with the Bonitos were some Rainbow Runners and giant Blue Runners. A really nice 25 lb plus Blackfin Tuna was hooked but unfortunately was eaten by a shark before it could be landed. Some big Bull Sharks were also landed, one must have been over 400 lbs, it was a brute. A few Snook and Jack Crevalles rounded out the adventure.          
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