Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fishing Report -- 06-14-14

Today was perfect weather for Tom, Chuck, Brandy and Emma, just like June should be. June over the last number of years has had very disturbed weather but this year it has been great. Awesome weather typically translates into great fishing and today was no exception. Chuck started out the day in fine fashion by hooking up a Tarpon well over the 150 lb mark. 20 minutes in the leader wore through and the fight was over. Chuck had the fish close to the boat and had gotten the best out of the fish already before the leader wore through. After the Tarpon encounter we moved on to target Snook. The summertime Snook are just showing up so the numbers aren’t at their peak yet but the fishing was consistent. You had to be patient but it paid off with nice sized fish. Only 3 smaller/medium sized Snook were caught the rest were all nice bigger fish. Of the bigger fish one was just at the upper limit of the slot and the rest were all over slot, most well over slot. 14 Snook, a Sea Trout and a few Jacks were the take for the day. The Snook fishing is definitely heating up nicely and soon enough we’ll be right in the middle of peak Snook action.
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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fishing Report -- 05-31-14

Pretty slow day out there on the water today. Ollie didn’t get many bites but the bites he did get were pretty decent. Two Sailfish and a nice Blackfin Tuna boated. Although we are right on the doorstep of June and Summer has arrived in full force the fishing felt more like winter time i.e. not as much action offshore but when you do get bites you’re expecting the Sails. I’m sure it’s any day now that the crazy fish frenzy of Bonitos & Kings will kick in. Break out the light spinning gear and fly rods and enjoy the action. Roll on Summer!           
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Fishing Report -- 05-24-14

Summer is here and along with the warmer and calmer weather comes the baitfish. With the baitfish come the summer species. Today Josephine & Carol tangled with Kingfish, Bonito & Spanish Mackerel. It was a gorgeous day and not too busy on the water considering it was Memorial day weekend. The Bonito in the picture was a tag team effort between Josephine and Carol. It ate Josephine’s bait and got tangled in Carol’s line too so it was a two person job to land it. After that a really nice 25 to 30 lb class King Fish was brought right up to the boat but unfortunately as soon as I leadered it the wire broke at the hook. Disappointing that we didn’t get the fish on board for a picture but the ladies will have the picture in their heads for a while of a fish that was as long as they are tall. More nice sized Bonitos, big Spanish Mackerel and a few lost fish finished the morning’s fishing. The ladies then treated me to lunch. Great weather, great company, great fishing and great food, all the ingredients needed for an awesome day on the water.               
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