Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fishing Report -- 08-09-14

Frank had his two grandsons Tristan and Keegan on board today. Tristan and Keegan have not done much saltwater fishing before today so the goal was just to stretch a line. The day started out with the most important activity of the day i.e. catching live bait. It was pretty slow to begin with but finally the Sardines became more and more cooperative. For guys who don’t fish much Tristan & Keegan go the hang of the Sabiki thing in no time and soon the wells were full. We headed inshore a bit to get some small chum baits and in amongst the bait Tristan landed a respectable Snook. Next we headed offshore in hopes of running into a Sailfish that were reported around but unfortunately for us we did not find any. The Bonitos did however keep us pretty busy with regular action until they had caught enough. Frank a got into the action and landed one on fly. They weren’t the monster Bonitos but still tough fighters and a lot of fun on spinning tackle. We headed back inshore to catch the outgoing tide in the inlet. The Snook fishing was a little slow however Keegan managed to hook a really nice Snook. It headed into the trees and got hung up. Fortunately it didn’t break off and after going for a swim we managed to land the 45 inch fish. For two guys who don’t fish much they did great and I'm sure surprised their grandfather.                         

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fishing Report -- 08-02-14

Today was Captain Q goes fishing on his birthday. With my lovely wife accompanying me very early in the morning we hit the beach with the fly rod hoping to catch a Snook or two. As you can see from the pictures I was quite blessed with a really special birthday Snook. I was equally blessed to have my wife with me to share in the moment and also to have the camera to document it. This is definitely my biggest Snook on fly. I’m contemplating retiring from fishing for Snook on fly as this catch is going to be pretty tough for me to beat. Sweet Birthday present but it wasn’t over yet. My good friend Josh offered to take me Snooking that evening for my birthday and I definitely was not going to turn down a chance to be taken fishing for a change. My clients have caught some decent size Snook at night on fly but mine have all been right around the average size docklight Snook size, around the 4 to 5 lb mark. The evening was progressing like most with upper average size fish then I got a really nice one that turned out to be my biggest docklight Snook on fly to date (it was bigger than it looks in the picture). What a day, my biggest ever Snook on fly, my biggest ever docklight Snook on fly. The bonus was I got to share these catches with my wife and good friend Josh. Also I didn’t have to wash down a boat! Thanks so much to Sherry & Josh for making this day really special, this definitely helped take the sting out of my Aging Day.                

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