Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fishing Report -- 06-27-13

With Steve and Jamie on board we headed out hoping to fish in the ocean today. The ocean had a residual South East chop on it that made it uncomfortable to be out there. We spent a little time looking for Tarpon and only saw one school which rolled once and then disappeared on us. We switched to plan B which was to Snook fish. Jamie did the live bait thing and Steve did the fly thing. Even with cold water pushing into the inlet the Snook were fairly cooperative. Jamie did better with the live bait on the bigger Snook however Steve did very well on sight fishing the smaller Snook on fly. With the incoming tide we could see the fish eat the fly, very cool. We didn’t get the offshore action we had hoped for however still a pretty decent day had on the Snook.       
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Fishing Report -- 06-22-13

Today with Lin & Ollie Tarpon was the target. The ocean was a little bumpy, the water temperature was just under 80 degrees and the Super Full Moon was on us. Not ideal conditions at all for Tarpon. Surprisingly though we began to see fish along the beach. Not surprising was their actions. Lin & Ollie managed 3 bites on live threadfins but no hookups. It was as though the Tarpon just killed the baits and then spat them out. When the Tarpon stopped showing along the beach we changed gears to Snook fishing. Not long into Snook fishing Lin hooked a decent size Tarpon (of course). He could not have had more challenging conditions. We had a ripping outgoing tide, boats in and out of the inlet, channel markers to deal with and of course the fish ran across the inlet and round a marker. Lin backed off the drag and hoped for the best. As soon as the boat traffic calmed we floated out through the nasty outgoing tide rip and around the marker. Much to our surprise the fish was still on. It then proceeded to stay in the roughest part of the inlet while Lin fought it. Many years of fishing experience helped Lin land the fish that should not have been. Some days you lose fish you think you should land, today was one of those days when we landed a fish we really didn’t think we had a chance on landing, I’ll take a few more of those please !               
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