Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fishing Report -- 01-23-14

Pete fished with me two days ago and although the ocean conditions were good the tough fishing continued with only a Snook, few Blue Runners and a Trigger fish being landed. We changed tactics to night fishing to see if we could change our luck. Conditions were a little tough for targeting Snook at night, it was a little on the cold side (for Florida) which typically slows down the Snook action. We didn’t see as many Snook at the surface as I’d typically see however we kept prospecting likely spots and considering the conditions Pete did very well on the Snook with the fly rod. 5 fish landed and about another 5 hooked up that managed to dislodge the fly. A Jack and a few Lookdowns rounded out the night. Finally our winter fishery behaving somewhat like it should.         
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Fishing Report -- 01-18-14

Today with Neal, Jason & Tom on board the struggle to find any decent numbers of fish continued. By this time of the year I am typically catching Spinners sharks regularly and also catching Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Jacks and Amberjacks regularly. Not the case this year. Our winter fish species have just not arrived here yet. We ran north in hopes of finding Spinner Sharks, no success. The Jacks were not very cooperative today at all. Tom was the only angler to land a Jack. Neal and Jason did manage to jig up 3 small Amberjacks to provide some action. At the end of the day we put out a live Blue Runner and Neal got a really nice 25 lb + size Cuda. Another struggle today on the ocean. Hopefully things are about to turn around here soon with the colder weather.     
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Fishing Report -- 01-14-14

Today was a fly fishing and conventional tackle combo trip. Zach, Alex and grandfather Richard were on board. Zach is a very accomplished fly fisherman but unfortunately today South Florida just didn’t want to show Zach how good fly fishing down here can be. It was a struggle to find any fish that wanted to cooperate on the fly. Even with jigs and live bait it was a struggle. The guys hung in there and Zach did manage two Jacks on fly and Alex got a few on jigs and live bait. For this time of year we should be seeing Bluefish, Jacks, Spanish Mackerel and Sharks all over the beach, they just are not here yet. Hopefully this cold weather will start to bring them in.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fishing Report -- 12-30-13

Larry and Tad were on board today escaping the cold weather of up north. Good news was that they picked the only nice weather day of the week, however the catching was not as good a news. Although ocean conditions were great the fishing was tough and Larry and Tad really worked hard for every fish. Even the sharks were very difficult customers today. We only saw two and got one bite but no hookups. We ended up jigging in about 50 feet of water which proved to be the best action of the day with 5 small Amberjacks being landed. An unusual catch of a Blue-spotted Cornetfish was landed by Larry. One medium sized Jack, a Mutton Snapper, Blue Runners and a few small Grouper were also caught. Hats off to these guys for hanging in there, hopefully when they are back to fish the Spinner Sharks they will bring the good weather with them again.      
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Fishing Report -- 12-24-13

Day before Christmas and Santa gave Kevin, Charlie & Brad an early Christmas present in the form good weather conditions. The ocean was calm and we were able to move around and pick away at the fish. With all the warm weather we have been having this year the fish are not concentrated as they typically would be, moving around seems to be the key to locating the fish. The guys ended up with 3 sharks hooked, two landed. One decent size Jack, a few smaller Jacks, a bunch of Spanish Mackerel and a bunch of Ladyfish. As we get further into winter and hopefully get some colder weather fishing should become a little more predictable.    
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Fishing Report -- 12-20-13

It’s the windy time of the year again. When Dave was here about 2 weeks ago the weather was perfect but today Dave & John were not as lucky and it was windy and tough fishing. We made the best of it by hitting the docks catching a mixed bag. Ended up with 5 Snook, a few Jacks, Snappers, Pork fish and Sheephead. Nothing for the record books but enough action to keep them busy.
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