Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fishing Report -- 03-11-16

Al was onboard for some nighttime Snook on fly action. The daytime had been a little on the windy side but by evening the wind died off somewhat and seeing that we were fishing the eastern shoreline we were pretty protected from the wind. Winter seems to have arrived late and left early this year and the temperature was perfect. The Snook were out in decent numbers but were not crazy eager to eat the fly. The first few lights we hit the fish were pretty cooperative but after that they seemed to slow down on the bite. Al did well to land a few fish and catch his first nighttime Snooks on fly. He’d played golf all day prior to coming fishing, so I believe his bigger accomplishment was having enough energy left to be able to wield the fly rod for the evening.   

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Fishing Report -- 02-27-16

Ben joined me today for a trip to catch Spinner Sharks on fly. The weather was just about perfect in the morning and we headed out with high hopes. The day before the sharks were all over where they should be however as we kept running and running it became evident that the sharks were nowhere to be seen. Just like magic they disappeared over night. We are in the middle of the season and no good reason for them to take off (not a full or new moon nor major weather system). We were doing a ½ day trip so pressure was on to find some sharks before we ran out of time. With only about 45 minutes of the trip left we got a call from another guide who had a report of some sharks way north from where we were. We high tailed it up there and fortunately found a few sharks. For as bad as our luck had been to that point we got super lucky with a shark coming in within 5 minutes and eating the fly and staying hooked. Ben did a fine job fighting this nice sized shark and landing it right before it was time to head back in. The Spinners today we definitely not cooperating as they should however Ben did manage to beat the odds and catch and release his first Spinner Shark on fly.

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