Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fishing Report -- 11-29-14

It was Thanksgiving weekend and as usual the weather was not great. Fishing is one of those sports where when folks have the time off to go fishing the weather usually doesn’t cooperate, especially this time of year. Brothers Doug and Jeff were onboard and were up for catching anything. We were in the ocean for about 10 minutes before the wind really kicked up to 20 to 25 miles an hour totally eliminating fishing in the ocean for the day. We had some live shrimp and began to work the inside. Things started off a little slow with a few Blue Runners and then Jeff had the lucky bite and landed a small Tarpon, a good catch considering the area we are in and the time of the year. Using light tackle and fishing in tight quarters makes landing even these smaller Tarpon challenging. After catching a few more Blue Runners and not seeing any signs of any more Tarpon we moved on in search of other action. That action came in the form of Jacks. Using light tackle these fish put up a great fight and make them challenging and fun fish to catch. Doug and Jeff ended up with just over 10 Jacks. The last part of the day we spent trying to catch a Spinner Shark, however my very reliable shark spot had nothing to offer us today. Although the conditions were less than ideal Doug and Jeff did well to land all the fish they hooked. Decent fishing, no snow on the ground and quality time spent with your brother, not a bad way to spend a day over Thanksgiving.
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fishing Report -- 10-04-14

The Mullet Run is in full swing with mullet schools both in the ocean and in the intra-coastal. Getting to the fish in the ocean takes calm sea conditions which can be somewhat challenging this time of year. It always seems that the calm days are the days that you can’t go fishing. Fishing in the intra-coastal fishing is not as weather dependent and the evening fishing on an outgoing tide is fairly consistent. As long as there are mullet moving out with the tide there are typically going to be Tarpon or Snook around. Kevin landed this medium size Tarpon and jumped about another 5 or 6. Sherry got this small Snook that was hitting finger mullet and I got this decent Snook while trying to catch Tarpon. The mullet run should still be good for about another 3 to 4 weeks, so get out and fish it if you can.                                
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fishing Report -- 09-06-14

Adam was on board today and the mission was Snook. From last week’s trip and today’s trip it sure looks like the big Snook have pretty much left the inlet already. It’s the beginning of the mullet run with the small finger mullet starting to show and the Snook are really focused on the mullet. We had threadfins for bait too but all the bites were on mullet. The morning started by throwing top water lures and landing some medium sized Jacks. Next were a few small Snook and a nice Mangrove Snapper up against some sea walls. Then a few more Snook in the 25 inch range before Adam caught a 31 inch slot size fish. That was the big fish of the day. Adam did get an unexpected Sea Trout as a nice surprise. At the end of the day Adam caught about 13 Snook, almost the same amount of Jacks, a Sea Trout and a nice sized Mangrove Snapper. As the mullet run picks up so will the action with Tarpon, bigger Snook, big Jacks and Sharks, roll on mullet run!                               
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Fishing Report -- 08-30-14

For the past 5 years Glenn & Craig have fished with me and we have had really good sea conditions, up till now. This summer was fantastic weather wise however tropical storm Cristobal this week churned things up a little and we were limited to fishing inside. I think the Snook got the memo that season opens in two days and decided to make an early departure to their hiding spots to avoid becoming dinner. Glenn started the morning in fine fashion with a nice 34 inch Snook on a top water lure. After that however the guys really had to work for everything they got. They ended up with about 30 fish for the day with 4 fish right at the slot size and the rest under slot, no big girls wanted to come play with us today even though we had really nice live baits for them. Can’t say I blame them, if I knew that in 2 days I was going to be at the top of the list of most fisherman’s most favorite thing to eat, I’d probably also be exiting stage left!                               
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Fishing Report -- 08-23-14

Today was the little orphan Annie charter, it was a hard knock day! Nothing seemed to quite work out for George, Max, Taylor and Chase today, just a whole lot of bad luck. The weather was great, we had good live bait and had good bites, just didn’t put a lot of fish in the boat, as evidenced by the lack of photos. We had two Sailfish on briefly, both came unbuttoned. Some bite offs from toothy critters, multiple triple hooks ups on fish but not landing any from the triple.  George hooked up a 200 lb shark that hung around the boat asif it wasn’t even hooked then decided to head for the bottom and break us off on the structure and on an and on it went. Fun day on the water with good activity, just want their day to land a lot of fish. A handful of Bonitos, some giant Blue Runners and a few Remoras were all that made it into the boat today. So instead of Annie’s “the sun will come out tomorrow” we’ll have to revise that to “the fish will come in the boat then next trip”                         
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fishing Report -- 08-09-14

Frank had his two grandsons Tristan and Keegan on board today. Tristan and Keegan have not done much saltwater fishing before today so the goal was just to stretch a line. The day started out with the most important activity of the day i.e. catching live bait. It was pretty slow to begin with but finally the Sardines became more and more cooperative. For guys who don’t fish much Tristan & Keegan go the hang of the Sabiki thing in no time and soon the wells were full. We headed inshore a bit to get some small chum baits and in amongst the bait Tristan landed a respectable Snook. Next we headed offshore in hopes of running into a Sailfish that were reported around but unfortunately for us we did not find any. The Bonitos did however keep us pretty busy with regular action until they had caught enough. Frank a got into the action and landed one on fly. They weren’t the monster Bonitos but still tough fighters and a lot of fun on spinning tackle. We headed back inshore to catch the outgoing tide in the inlet. The Snook fishing was a little slow however Keegan managed to hook a really nice Snook. It headed into the trees and got hung up. Fortunately it didn’t break off and after going for a swim we managed to land the 45 inch fish. For two guys who don’t fish much they did great and I'm sure surprised their grandfather.                         

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fishing Report -- 08-02-14

Today was Captain Q goes fishing on his birthday. With my lovely wife accompanying me very early in the morning we hit the beach with the fly rod hoping to catch a Snook or two. As you can see from the pictures I was quite blessed with a really special birthday Snook. I was equally blessed to have my wife with me to share in the moment and also to have the camera to document it. This is definitely my biggest Snook on fly. I’m contemplating retiring from fishing for Snook on fly as this catch is going to be pretty tough for me to beat. Sweet Birthday present but it wasn’t over yet. My good friend Josh offered to take me Snooking that evening for my birthday and I definitely was not going to turn down a chance to be taken fishing for a change. My clients have caught some decent size Snook at night on fly but mine have all been right around the average size docklight Snook size, around the 4 to 5 lb mark. The evening was progressing like most with upper average size fish then I got a really nice one that turned out to be my biggest docklight Snook on fly to date (it was bigger than it looks in the picture). What a day, my biggest ever Snook on fly, my biggest ever docklight Snook on fly. The bonus was I got to share these catches with my wife and good friend Josh. Also I didn’t have to wash down a boat! Thanks so much to Sherry & Josh for making this day really special, this definitely helped take the sting out of my Aging Day.                

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fishing Report -- 07-26-14

Today was the father & son team of Brian and Jason on board for some Snook fishing. The day started with the most important part of a successful day of Snook fishing and that is catching bait. Fortunately the Sardines were in pretty good and with Brian and Jason’s help the wells were loaded fairly quickly with good frisky baits. We first tried a spot for King Fish but this only produced a small shark for Brian. We headed to the inlet to look for Snook. Jason spotted some rolling Tarpon nearby. About a 50 lb Tarpon ate a bait however was only on for one jump before freeing itself. The Snook on the other hand were less than cooperative. Just yesterday the Snook bite was happening just as it is supposed to be this time of year. For some reason today the big fish decided to be a no show. The other Guides we saw were all having the same kind of day on the Snook, no easy fishing, Brian and Jason really earned the fish they caught. That’s how fishing goes some times, however Brian and Jason stayed positive and enthusiastic and ended up with 15 Snook, pretty decent considering it looked like all the Snook left town for the day, perhaps there was a Snookfish union boycott I wasn’t aware of?          

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Fishing Report -- 07-19-14

Today was a typical summer’s day in Florida, hot weather & hot fishing. Rob & Marlin were aboard for a day of Fly Fishing. We headed off shore to see what we could get to bite. First to show was a Dolphin which was hooked but not landed. Next the False Albacore (Bonito) showed up and although they were a little more fussy than they typically are this time of year the guys caught all they wanted. Marlin got the stud of the day, round the 20lb mark. Rob hooked and landed the second Dolphin that showed up. A Sailfish also came up to see us but didn’t stick around long enough for us to get any really good shots at it. After a quick swim to cool down we pushed a little closer to shore to a spot where some Cobia had been hanging around on some very large Bull Sharks. There were no Cobia but there were plenty of Bull Sharks. Rob tangled with about a 350 pounder. After releasing it the decision was not to mess with another one. We ended the day by sight fishing Snook in the inlet, although the Snook were not monsters they were pretty challenging to get to eat the fly. Action all day is pretty much what we expect for summertime fishing and today was no exception.       
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fishing Report -- 06-14-14

Today was perfect weather for Tom, Chuck, Brandy and Emma, just like June should be. June over the last number of years has had very disturbed weather but this year it has been great. Awesome weather typically translates into great fishing and today was no exception. Chuck started out the day in fine fashion by hooking up a Tarpon well over the 150 lb mark. 20 minutes in the leader wore through and the fight was over. Chuck had the fish close to the boat and had gotten the best out of the fish already before the leader wore through. After the Tarpon encounter we moved on to target Snook. The summertime Snook are just showing up so the numbers aren’t at their peak yet but the fishing was consistent. You had to be patient but it paid off with nice sized fish. Only 3 smaller/medium sized Snook were caught the rest were all nice bigger fish. Of the bigger fish one was just at the upper limit of the slot and the rest were all over slot, most well over slot. 14 Snook, a Sea Trout and a few Jacks were the take for the day. The Snook fishing is definitely heating up nicely and soon enough we’ll be right in the middle of peak Snook action.
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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fishing Report -- 05-31-14

Pretty slow day out there on the water today. Ollie didn’t get many bites but the bites he did get were pretty decent. Two Sailfish and a nice Blackfin Tuna boated. Although we are right on the doorstep of June and Summer has arrived in full force the fishing felt more like winter time i.e. not as much action offshore but when you do get bites you’re expecting the Sails. I’m sure it’s any day now that the crazy fish frenzy of Bonitos & Kings will kick in. Break out the light spinning gear and fly rods and enjoy the action. Roll on Summer!           
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Fishing Report -- 05-24-14

Summer is here and along with the warmer and calmer weather comes the baitfish. With the baitfish come the summer species. Today Josephine & Carol tangled with Kingfish, Bonito & Spanish Mackerel. It was a gorgeous day and not too busy on the water considering it was Memorial day weekend. The Bonito in the picture was a tag team effort between Josephine and Carol. It ate Josephine’s bait and got tangled in Carol’s line too so it was a two person job to land it. After that a really nice 25 to 30 lb class King Fish was brought right up to the boat but unfortunately as soon as I leadered it the wire broke at the hook. Disappointing that we didn’t get the fish on board for a picture but the ladies will have the picture in their heads for a while of a fish that was as long as they are tall. More nice sized Bonitos, big Spanish Mackerel and a few lost fish finished the morning’s fishing. The ladies then treated me to lunch. Great weather, great company, great fishing and great food, all the ingredients needed for an awesome day on the water.               
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fishing Report -- 03-01-14

Well eventually the good Blue Fish bite was destined to end, today was that day. For the last month it has been really consistent but today the well was empty. Only one very skinny Bluefish and a few Jacks were landed. Fortunately I had brought some frozen bait as a backup. We headed into the ocean just as the wind switched and picked up. The ocean got bumpy really quickly and we only had a small window to catch a few fish in. The sharks were ready to bite and Barry had one on within a minute of us stopping. It was a non jumper and a bottom hugger. Barry really had to work the fish to get him in. Next was Joan’s turn, her first shark. Her shark was a real jumper and put on a good display wearing itself out in the process and shortening the overall time to land the fish. Joan did awesome in hooking, fighting and landing her first shark all on her own. After these two fish the wind was telling us to leave so we headed in before we overstayed our welcome.           
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Fishing Report -- 02-25-14

Tonight was Snook fishing on fly night with Corey. The night started really slow on the catching side of things. We began seeing Snook right away but they were just not wanting to eat the fly, they were super fussy and just not cooperating. After moving about a bunch we finally found the concentration of fish that were ready to eat and Corey went to town on them. At the end of the night he had landed about 12 or so Snook all on fly. We didn’t take many pictures, just this one.          
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Fishing Report -- 02-16-14

Today was Mika, Jaana & Sherry’s turn to get in on the fish action. Like previous days we started off catching Bluefish and Jacks for shark bait. Bluefish were cooperating nicely with Mike & Janna both getting good numbers of decent size Bluefish. As soon as we got out into the ocean the sharks were frisky and ready to eat. Mika, Janna & Sherry each landed two sharks and decided they had had enough exercise for the day. The fish were all fired up so I got to break out the fly rod on them. They were coming in really charged up and cooperating, I ended up with 4 landed. Another awesome shark fishing day. The sharks were late showing up this year but they are here now and pretty fired up.            
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