Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fishing Report -- 11-29-14

It was Thanksgiving weekend and as usual the weather was not great. Fishing is one of those sports where when folks have the time off to go fishing the weather usually doesn’t cooperate, especially this time of year. Brothers Doug and Jeff were onboard and were up for catching anything. We were in the ocean for about 10 minutes before the wind really kicked up to 20 to 25 miles an hour totally eliminating fishing in the ocean for the day. We had some live shrimp and began to work the inside. Things started off a little slow with a few Blue Runners and then Jeff had the lucky bite and landed a small Tarpon, a good catch considering the area we are in and the time of the year. Using light tackle and fishing in tight quarters makes landing even these smaller Tarpon challenging. After catching a few more Blue Runners and not seeing any signs of any more Tarpon we moved on in search of other action. That action came in the form of Jacks. Using light tackle these fish put up a great fight and make them challenging and fun fish to catch. Doug and Jeff ended up with just over 10 Jacks. The last part of the day we spent trying to catch a Spinner Shark, however my very reliable shark spot had nothing to offer us today. Although the conditions were less than ideal Doug and Jeff did well to land all the fish they hooked. Decent fishing, no snow on the ground and quality time spent with your brother, not a bad way to spend a day over Thanksgiving.
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