Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fishing Report -- 07-26-14

Today was the father & son team of Brian and Jason on board for some Snook fishing. The day started with the most important part of a successful day of Snook fishing and that is catching bait. Fortunately the Sardines were in pretty good and with Brian and Jason’s help the wells were loaded fairly quickly with good frisky baits. We first tried a spot for King Fish but this only produced a small shark for Brian. We headed to the inlet to look for Snook. Jason spotted some rolling Tarpon nearby. About a 50 lb Tarpon ate a bait however was only on for one jump before freeing itself. The Snook on the other hand were less than cooperative. Just yesterday the Snook bite was happening just as it is supposed to be this time of year. For some reason today the big fish decided to be a no show. The other Guides we saw were all having the same kind of day on the Snook, no easy fishing, Brian and Jason really earned the fish they caught. That’s how fishing goes some times, however Brian and Jason stayed positive and enthusiastic and ended up with 15 Snook, pretty decent considering it looked like all the Snook left town for the day, perhaps there was a Snookfish union boycott I wasn’t aware of?          

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Fishing Report -- 07-19-14

Today was a typical summer’s day in Florida, hot weather & hot fishing. Rob & Marlin were aboard for a day of Fly Fishing. We headed off shore to see what we could get to bite. First to show was a Dolphin which was hooked but not landed. Next the False Albacore (Bonito) showed up and although they were a little more fussy than they typically are this time of year the guys caught all they wanted. Marlin got the stud of the day, round the 20lb mark. Rob hooked and landed the second Dolphin that showed up. A Sailfish also came up to see us but didn’t stick around long enough for us to get any really good shots at it. After a quick swim to cool down we pushed a little closer to shore to a spot where some Cobia had been hanging around on some very large Bull Sharks. There were no Cobia but there were plenty of Bull Sharks. Rob tangled with about a 350 pounder. After releasing it the decision was not to mess with another one. We ended the day by sight fishing Snook in the inlet, although the Snook were not monsters they were pretty challenging to get to eat the fly. Action all day is pretty much what we expect for summertime fishing and today was no exception.       
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