Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fishing Report -- 01-31-15

Today Peter and Ann were on board. They narrowly missed being caught in a major storm up in New York so the beautiful weather today was twice as sweet. The morning started off with trolling some lures in the intracoastal. Peter was catching all the fish even when we switched the lures over. It was a while before Ann’s luck changed and she too began to catch. 6 Bluefish and 4 small Jacks were landed before we moved on. The tide was outgoing and the Jacks were stacked up and pretty cooperative. Peter caught a bunch on fly and Ann catch as many as she wanted to using live shrimp. After lunch we headed into the ocean hoping to mess with the Spinner Sharks however they were pretty much a no show. Conditions were beautiful but the sharks were very scarce and the few we saw were very uncooperative. Peter stuck with the fly but nearing the end of the day we switched to bait and finally caught one. It’s going to be tough going back to New York after having such a beautiful winter’s day in South Florida.         
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Fishing Report -- 01-24-15

Zach braved the nasty weather today and was rewarded with a decent day of catching. Zach did a combination of fly and conventional fishing.  A cold front moved through late morning bringing some high winds and rain. Fortunately once the wind clocked around to the west and the rain blew through things got pretty nice. The morning started off with using lures and catching two nice size Bluefish and a few small Jacks. We were able to find some schools of larger Jacks and Zach catch a bunch both on fly and conventional. After the wind had been blowing west for a while it calmed the seas down allowing us to spend the afternoon in the ocean. The Spinner Sharks were not very cooperative on the fly today with a few bites but no hook ups. Switching to bait changed things quickly and Zach landed two nice size Spinner Sharks before it was time to head in. Although the weather looked pretty menacing Zach still managed to get a pretty decent day’s fishing in, beats sitting at home.  
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fishing Report -- 12-31-14

A full boat today with the family of Anne, Fred, Zack and Alex. It was rainy today but at least it was not cold. I was impressed when the family arrived and were all wearing rain gear, I knew these guys really wanted to fish. The Jacks were super cooperative and we were catching within a minute or two of dropping lines. The catching was very consistent with very little time when someone wasn’t hooked up. They must have caught more than 30 Jacks. We noticed that the ocean conditions looked OK so we headed out close to the beach looking for sharks. It took a little while but finally we had one come in and eat the bait. Alex was on the rod and got to land about a 65 lb Blacktip shark. We then hit a small reef but just got Trigger fish. On the way back in the inlet we stopped and caught a few more Jacks and then it was all too soon time to call it a day. Anne got the unusual catch of the day with a Bluespotted Cornetfish, unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it on my camera. I didn’t have any pictures on my camera of any of Anne’s fish, don’t let the lack of pictures fool you, she held her own against the boys. The rain certainly didn’t damped this fishing family’s spirits on the last day of 2014.
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Fishing Report -- 12-30-14

Today was a fly fishing only day with Jeremy. The weather and ocean conditions were awesome, swell had dropped to where it should have been yesterday. We started with the Spanish Mackerel which were very fussy this morning. We had to break out the glass minnow chum to get them really fired up. Once the chum thing got going fishing turned into catching. We took a break from the Mackerel to see if we could find any Spinner sharks. Conditions were great but unfortunately no signs of the sharks. We did find some medium sized Jacks on some small reefs which were fairly cooperative in following the teaser to the boat and then munching the fly. After the Jacks Jeremy hit the Mackerel again before calling it a day. For all the fish Jeremy caught I only had this one picture, certainly not a true reflection on the catching that happened. I wish the weather conditions could be like this everyday, but then on the other hand perhaps it wouldn’t be fair on the fish.
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Fishing Report -- 12-29-14

The swell predictions were off a little for today and the ocean wasn’t as calm as it should have been for the father & son team of Rich and Andrew. Although winds were light in the morning it was still a little bumpy however the ocean was doable and we headed out. Spanish Mackerel were the first species targeted. This time of year this fishery is pretty consistent. Wasn’t long before Mackerel were being caught. We had some live Pilchards which helped to catch the bigger Mackerel. After Rich and Andrew caught all the Mackerel they wanted they set their sights on larger quarry and the shark catching began. 3 Bull sharks and 2 blacktip sharks were caught and fairly light tackle. There was a lot of huffing and puffing but these guys had a blast and did a fine job of landing these big fish. On the way back in we stopped in the inlet and caught a bunch of small Jacks and 2 Snook. Andrew is the fisherman of the family and demonstrated his skill and love of fishing, Rich however held his own, watch out Andrew, Dad is catching up fast. 
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Fishing Report -- 12-22-14

Today I had Howard, Whitney, Howard (Jnr) and Adelaide on board. Great to have mom, dad and the two kids for a day’s fishing. Ocean conditions were not fantastically good so we started off fishing the inlet. Action on the Jacks was immediate and pretty consistent. We did brave the bumpy ocean to see if we could catch a shark but it wasn’t to be. Running from the wind we went back into the inlet and got more Jacks and a few Blue Runners. Whitney ended up with the surprise catch for the day, a Grouper. Howard (Jnr) and Adelaide were doing stealth fishing today as my camera has no pictures of them with fish. Awesome day catching a bunch of decent fighting fish with a really nice family, and it wasn’t 30 something degrees outside!     
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