Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fishing Report -- 05-22-15

Spencer joined me for a night trip fly fishing for Snook. This time of year night fly fishing for Snook is one of the best charters for fly fishermen to do as our chum baits have not yet shown and windy conditions can make the daytime fly fishing very challenging. At night the Snook are concentrated around the lights and are typically pretty cooperative. We started fishing right at the tide change and things were a little slow until the tide got moving good. The first few docks we hit had some non-cooperative fish so you just keep moving until you find where the action is. I was pleasantly surprised that Spencer had understated his fly casting ability and once we found the docks that were holding the hungry fish Spencer was able to go to town on them. I think the count was around 10 or 11 Snook landed. The big fish of the night was hooked right under a dock and the inevitable happened with the Snook wrapping around the pylon like it was May pole. None the less great weather, good fly angling skills and cooperative fish all combined for an awesome night of catching.  
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Fishing Report -- 05-16-15

Enrique was onboard today with hopes of doing some fly fishing. Unfortunately as often happens when you have your heart set on fly fishing the wind blew through the night chopping up the ocean pretty good. First thing in the morning we hit some docks and only got a small Jack and a Blue Runner on fly. The ocean was pretty chopped up but Enrique was up for trying to get a Kingfish spot that isn’t too far from the inlet. It’s mid May and there should be Kings available. Unfortunately the Kings were a no show but Enrique got a nice big Bonito and two Blacktip Sharks using bait. We headed back to the inlet to mess with the Snook. Surprisingly enough it was fishable on the beach and Enrique was soon sight casting Snook with the fly. These were not the big summertime girls and should have been way more co-operative than they were. We even saw a decent amount of big Jacks go by that would not even chase a popper, one of those days. Eventually Enrique packed in the fly rod and switched to bait to catch some Snook. It turned out to be a beautiful day on the water, if the Snook had cooperated more on the fly it would have been perfect. We’ll have to reserve perfect for next trip.

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