Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fishing Report -- 07-11-15

Lin & Ollie were on board again to try and get a shot at the last chance Tarpon as they get out of here. This time we didn’t even see a Tarpon to target so gave up on that caught some live baits and went Snook fishing. The Snook bite was pretty decent with some nice sized Snook caught along with a bunch of the smaller male fish. Once the Snook bite slowed with pushed offshore a little way to see what was happening out there. Got some Blue Runners and Jacks and then Ollie hooked into and landed a really nice Kingfish, just to add a little variety to the day. The action was spread out throughout the day, they had to work at it but ended up getting some nice size Snook, Jacks, ladyfish, blue runners and Kingfish.
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Fishing Report -- 07-09-15

Today was a night trip for Snook with Lin & Ollie. The trip started catching live mullet and then moving to the inlet. The tide was already outgoing when we started fishing and it was about 6.30 pm. We were marking fish but just not getting any bites, it look till sundown until the bite finally got going but once it was it was game on with every baits doing down getting eaten pretty quickly. We started with the smaller fish but as the night progressed the bigger ladies moved in and were a lot of fun. Overall I think about 15 or so Snook and one Grouper were landed before we ran out of bait. We had to wait it out but the bite finally turned on and yielded some nice size Snook.      
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Fishing Report -- 07-04-15

The Hall fishing team of Lin & Ollie were on board today. The day started looking for Tarpon but no luck with hooking up, we saw a few but didn’t get any really good shots. Giving up on the Tarpon we went to catch bait and noticed there were tons of Bonitos cruising around the bait. There was a nasty storm over land so we opted to stay off shore a little and have some fun with the Bonitos until the storm passed, and fun we had. Baits didn’t last long before getting crushed. Then the hunters became the hunted as the sharks decided to get in on the action and were chasing down the hooked Bonitos. It’s quite eye opening to see how fast a giant Bull Shark can move when it’s chasing down a Bonito, a little scary too! Next predator to feast on the Bonitos was a Goliath Grouper which came up right under the boat and swallowed a whole Bonito like it was an M&M, that too is an eye opener. Once the arms were aching and enough Bonitos were caught we moved into the inlet to see what the Snook bite was doing. Unfortunately it was only so so. They got a bunch of smaller fish but the nice big girls seemed to elude us today. We plan to target the Snook a few days next week, hopefully the bigger girls will be more cooperative. 
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