Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fishing Report -- 02-20-16

Federico, Gaston, Adolfo and Francisco are part of the Argentinian contingency that fished with me last week and on January 23. We were hoping for a repeat of last weekend unfortunately the weather was not going to cooperate and we were not going to be able to make it into the ocean. They still wanted to catch sharks so we went to the one spot where they tend to hangout. Things started off a little slow but finally as shark came calling. After about 20 minutes they landed and released and decent size shark. After that it got quite again so we went on the troll. We got a mixed bag of Blue fish, Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel and Jacks. Near the end of the day they wanted to try the sharks again. A bigger shark this time was hooked and with a team effort from all on board was landed and released. Considering the conditions the guys did pretty well.   

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fishing Report -- 02-13-16

Another perfect weather day for light tackle fishing just of the beach. Diego, Claudio and Shawn were the lucky winners of today’s perfect weather lottery. These guys are from Argentina, our aquatic life is really liking these visitors lately. The Jacks that were in the inlet yesterday had left however we did find then a little ways down the beach, an enormous school of them. Only problem though was once we caught a few the sharks honed in on the struggling fish and they decided to get in on the action making it next to impossible to land anymore. Claudio got the treat of the day by catching a shark on a lure using a big spinning rod, that was really sweet. It was on a shark lure I made, pretty sweet even if I say so myself. Rest of the day was a sharkfest for Diego, Claudio and Shawn all landing multiple fish. All too soon it was time to head in and rest those weary arms.

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Fishing Report -- 02-12-16

Augusto and his family were vacationing here from Luxembourg and he and his boys had a real treat today. It was the nicest weather day of their whole vacation here and we were lucky enough to go fishing. Ocean was calm and the fish were cooperating nicely. There were hundreds for Jacks in the inlet chasing small flying fish, quite something to see when about ½ a football field size school of Jacks are on the surface hammering flying fish. It was incredible and went on for about an hour. We eventually left the Jacks to go shark fishing. Sharks were cooperating nicely too. It was awesome that our South Florida aquatic life was so nice to our visitors from Europe, don’t miss South Florida too much as you endure the rest of the winter.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fishing Report – 02-07-16

A friend of mine was in town today from out of the country and only had a few hours to fish before heading to the airport to head home. It was basically a fish and dash day for Johan. It was windy and cold but the wind was offshore and the ocean had calmed since yesterday. Some swell had pushed in but it was still fishable. We started with a few Jack Crevalles on lures and then headed to try the sharks on fly. Sharks were cooperating nicely again on the biting side but not cooperating very well on the staying hooked up side of things. Johan must have had 6 or so sharks on before one finally stayed hooked up for the whole fight back to the boat. Just in the nick of time too, right after the shark was released we high tailed it back to the dock to get Johan off to the airport. Nothing like fishing under a hard stop time deadline.     

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Fishing Report – 02-06-16

Matt joined me for a day of fly fishing. The mission was Spinner Sharks on fly and as usually happens when you have specific plans the weather was not cooperating. The morning started off way windier than predicted but we held onto the hope that the east wind may finally lay down in the afternoon and that the weather forecasters may get it right even be it delayed by ½ a day. We started fishing for Jack Crevalles which were cooperating nicely. Matt must have landed 12 or so with the largest being about 15 lbs. The wind did finally lay down in the afternoon and we ventured out into the still very bumpy ocean. Matt is young and athletic, two things that came in very handy as it was far from calm and fighting large fish on a fly rod in bumpy conditions is challenging. The sharks were super cooperative and just a few minutes into the first drift Matt was hooked up. About 30 minutes later the first shark was released boatside. There was once incident where it looked like Matt was sliding into home plate, luckily he didn’t make it all the way into the water else he may have been sliding onto the shark’s dinner plate. Less than 10 minutes later Matt was hooked up to his second shark and with a little experience under his belt made short order of landing that one too. The day turned out pretty good after the less than encouraging start. A good fly fisherman being able to take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves had a lot to do with the result. Check out the last photo, fly fishing for flying fish, that’s just ridiculous.

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Fishing Report – 01-24-16

Today was super windy, it was blowing 30 to 40 knots, fortunately from the west, which means nice and calm ocean condition close to the beach and crazy rough conditions offshore. This also translates into no one else on the water and you have all the good fishing to yourself. Emma and Mike were up to braving the windy day. This was Emma’s birthday fishing trip gift which was way way overdue, by about 5 years. The mission for Emma was to catch Spinner Sharks. Check out the first picture, when you start out the trip under a full rainbow you just know things are going to go your way. We started out the day catching some Jacks and Bluefish and worked our way up to the sharks. Emma did well on her first shark, she listened to the coaching and handled it like a pro. For the second and third sharks she didn’t need my coaching and pretty much catch and landed them by herself. Mike got into the action too with 3 sharks of his own landed. In between the sharks it was pretty much constant action with Bluefish, Jacks and Ladyfish. It was great to finally get Emma the shark that we have been talking about for so many years, judging by how long it took to get her on the boat this time, next time will probably be for a wedding gift.  

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