Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fishing Report -- 01-31-14

The family fishing team of Zach, George and Shelly were on board today. First thing in the morning the ocean was pretty rough so we started inside and worked our way up towards Palm Beach inlet. Zach started the morning with a small Snook on fly. Eventually we found the Bluefish with Shelly catching the first one on a lure. After that it was good consistent action with everyone getting in on the action. George landed a nice Jack in amongst the Bluefish and Zach got one on fly. We noticed the wind had dropped so we poked out the Palm Beach inlet to see how rough the ocean was. It was a little on the bumpy side but this fishing family was up for the challenge of catching sharks in bumpy conditions. Once we cast out the first bait I was still explaining to Zach how the drag on the reel worked when he was hooked up to a good jumper. The action was fast a furious after that with the time between bites being only minutes. Zach and George went to town and laded between them 7 sharks and hooked and lost about another 5. Moving around the boat hooked to 100 lb sharks in bumpy sea conditions is challenging and these guys did well to not lose any fish to angler error. Shelly elected to observe the chaos rather than participate in it. Great day on the water with a family who truly love to fish together.           
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Fishing Report -- 01-29-14

Matt & Erin must be my good luck charm for this year. Today was the first day I saw any decent numbers of sharks this year, the sharks are a month late in arriving into my area. The day started like the rest of the month has with not much action on the beach and no sharks. Matt got two Jacks and Erin some monster Blue Runners before we found the sharks. After this it was game on. Conditions weren’t perfect but good enough. Between Matt and Erin 5 sharks were landed with a few more hooked and lost. Matt had one hooked up on the fly for a bit but it got off. Thanks to the Shark Whisperers our shark season can now get underway.          
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