Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fishing Report -- 10-28-13

Rob and Dave from Canada were escaping the cold weather of up north, what better way to enjoy not being in the cold than by going fishing. The wind was just borderline that we didn’t go into the ocean but we made the best of the intracoastal. Other than the wind blowing a little more than we wanted the day was beautiful sunny & warm. Dave started out the day by getting all the bites. Before Rob got his first bite Dave had landed a Snook, Bluefish, large Sennet Barracuda and a Jack. Rob’s first bite wasn’t so much of a bite as it was a snag. He snagged a ray in the wing with a lure. This resulted in an airborne ray and very confused anglers. Getting the lure out of the ray was quite a challenge but we prevailed and released the ray to be snagged another day. We noticed some mullet being pushed by something so Rob deployed the surface lure in the area. He landed two really BIG Bluefish for this area, they were the largest Bluefish landed on my boat, the pictures don’t do them justice, for Bluefish in our area they were studs. Next we moved on to try and find something really big to tug on. Fishing was really slow for the sharks but finally one decided that it would grace us with its presence and ate the bait. Rob was off to the races and did a fine job in bringing this nice Blacktip shark to the boat. A bunch of little Jacks and a look at a giant Snook that didn’t want to eat our mullet rounded out the day. Enjoy the winter guys, we’ll be thinking of you as we languish in sunny South Florida.       
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Fishing Report -- 10-26-13

Tom and Elene joined me at 3 am to catch the outgoing tide with the hopes of some good Tarpon action. Tarpon at night on the outgoing tide had been pretty consistent recently. Unfortunately for Tom and Elene the Tarpon were pretty much a no show. We only had one Tarpon bite, Tom had it on for a few jumps before the hooked pulled. It was the sharks that were the most active. Elene landed the first shark, a small one about 35 lbs. Tom hooked one that about spooled him before it bit through the mono leader. The other shark he hooked proved to be quite a handful. After a good 50 minute fight we got a look at the fish, it was a BIG Blacktip shark but was hooked in the pectoral fin, making it extremely tough to land. This explains why the fish was fighting so hard, Tom stuck with it though and did a fantastic job fighting the fish to boat side. Elene’s second fish was a really nice 36 inch Snook, not a Tarpon but a very nice fish none the less. A few more smaller Snook and a decent size Jack rounded out the trip. My hat goes off to this husband and wife fishing team for coming out so early in the morning. Hopefully next time the guest of honor will show !        
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fishing Report -- 10-23-13

Jeff was on board today for a last minute trip. He was in town on business and had some time before his engagement started so he came straight from the airport to the boat ramp. This is my kind of guy. The first cold front of the year was looming as we headed out. We were only in the ocean a little while before the front blew through, much stronger than forecasted. The wind messed things up a little for us and we couldn’t go fish where I really wanted to but we made the most of it and the afternoon turned out OK. Jeff has just begun to fly fish so fly fishing in the very strong wind was challenging. For most of the trip Jeff stuck with the fly rod, he didn’t get any monster fish but what was lacking in size was made up for in numbers. I believe about 25 to 30 fish were landed on fly. Considering the conditions Jeff did great by catching Blackfin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, Bonito, Spanish Mackerel, Blue Runners and Jack Crevalles. If only the weather over the next few days was nice (which it isn’t) I may have been able to convince him to squeeze in some more fishing and go straight from the boat to the airport on the way home.     
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Fishing Report -- 09-30-13 to 10-17-13

The weather has been the best I can ever remember for this time of year. On the East coast of Florida we had no tropical storm or hurricane activity this year. With the mullet run in full swing the good weather has allowed us to fish the fall Tarpon a bunch. For the period of this report we have brought 16 Tarpon boatside. The Tarpon have ranged in size from 20 lbs to 140 lbs. The Snook on the mullet this year has been a little slow for me but the Tarpon have been awesome. When we haven’t been Tarpon fishing we have been getting a mixed bag of small Snook, a few small Redfish, Dolphin, Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks, Ladyfish and Sharks. I haven’t done a very good job these last few weeks in getting good photos, been slacking a little. I need to do something about my nighttime photos, almost all of them are coming out blurry, hopefully I can get the settings figured out, I’m missing a lot of pictures of nice big Tarpon.
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