Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fishing Report -- 09-06-14

Adam was on board today and the mission was Snook. From last week’s trip and today’s trip it sure looks like the big Snook have pretty much left the inlet already. It’s the beginning of the mullet run with the small finger mullet starting to show and the Snook are really focused on the mullet. We had threadfins for bait too but all the bites were on mullet. The morning started by throwing top water lures and landing some medium sized Jacks. Next were a few small Snook and a nice Mangrove Snapper up against some sea walls. Then a few more Snook in the 25 inch range before Adam caught a 31 inch slot size fish. That was the big fish of the day. Adam did get an unexpected Sea Trout as a nice surprise. At the end of the day Adam caught about 13 Snook, almost the same amount of Jacks, a Sea Trout and a nice sized Mangrove Snapper. As the mullet run picks up so will the action with Tarpon, bigger Snook, big Jacks and Sharks, roll on mullet run!                               
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Fishing Report -- 08-30-14

For the past 5 years Glenn & Craig have fished with me and we have had really good sea conditions, up till now. This summer was fantastic weather wise however tropical storm Cristobal this week churned things up a little and we were limited to fishing inside. I think the Snook got the memo that season opens in two days and decided to make an early departure to their hiding spots to avoid becoming dinner. Glenn started the morning in fine fashion with a nice 34 inch Snook on a top water lure. After that however the guys really had to work for everything they got. They ended up with about 30 fish for the day with 4 fish right at the slot size and the rest under slot, no big girls wanted to come play with us today even though we had really nice live baits for them. Can’t say I blame them, if I knew that in 2 days I was going to be at the top of the list of most fisherman’s most favorite thing to eat, I’d probably also be exiting stage left!                               
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Fishing Report -- 08-23-14

Today was the little orphan Annie charter, it was a hard knock day! Nothing seemed to quite work out for George, Max, Taylor and Chase today, just a whole lot of bad luck. The weather was great, we had good live bait and had good bites, just didn’t put a lot of fish in the boat, as evidenced by the lack of photos. We had two Sailfish on briefly, both came unbuttoned. Some bite offs from toothy critters, multiple triple hooks ups on fish but not landing any from the triple.  George hooked up a 200 lb shark that hung around the boat asif it wasn’t even hooked then decided to head for the bottom and break us off on the structure and on an and on it went. Fun day on the water with good activity, just want their day to land a lot of fish. A handful of Bonitos, some giant Blue Runners and a few Remoras were all that made it into the boat today. So instead of Annie’s “the sun will come out tomorrow” we’ll have to revise that to “the fish will come in the boat then next trip”                         
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