Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fishing Report -- 11-19-13

According to the calendar winter is on its way however the temperatures being experienced don’t seem to support that. The winds have picked up but the temperature is still holding in the mid to upper 80’s. Some of our winter species are beginning to show but it all seems a little behind. I imagine as soon as the temperatures finally cool we’ll get the flood of our winter species Spanish Mackerel, Amberjacks, Sailfish, Bluefish, Jacks and Spinner Sharks. Having said that Lucas did catch a decent number of Bluefish, a few small Jacks and Ladyfish and a decent size (~90lb) Spinner Shark. The Amberjacks and Spanish Mackerel were a no show but Lucas was treated to a nice Sailfish. We had a second Sailfish come and take a look at the baits but didn’t bite. Hopefully with the first cold weather we’ll get the main push of Spanish Mackerel we are expecting and also the Amberjacks. Sailfish numbers will also improve as should Spinner Sharks, Bluefish and Pompano. Looking forward to the cold weather species, however not really looking forward to the cold weather.       
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