Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fishing Report -- 04-11-15

Today was fly fishing only with Ryan. It was a week after the full moon but you wouldn’t think so. The fish that we did find were acting really really kooky. The ocean was a still a little lumpy from the windy day before but calm enough to take somewhat of a gamble and make a long run. We were up in Stuart and were hoping to see some leftover Spanish Mackerel, left over Spinner Sharks and the Jack Crevalles which should be schooled up this time of the year. Well the fish that we did find were nothing spectacular and were behaving extremely weird. The Spanish Mackerel would not come into the chum and the Sharks were also acting somewhat disinterested in the fly. Persistence paid off by Ryan landing a decent side shark on fly. This was the weirdest bite I have ever had on the fly and then the shark didn’t even run into the backing, something that has never happened to me. Even small sharks get you well into the backing, this was a good 70+ lb shark and didn’t run very far at all, too bizarre. With the 14wt fly rod Ryan worked the shark to the boat in about 10 minutes and we were able to remove the fly and release the shark. Truly the weirdest shark catch on fly I’ve seen, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as the other fish were not behaving as they should either. Ryan did manage to get a Spanish Mackerel and Blue Runner to finally eat the fly. On the way back we only saw one school of 30 lb Jacks that were moving fast and did not eat the fly.  As goofy as the fish were behaving at the end of the trip though Ryan had caught his biggest fish on fly by a long ways, so I suppose we cannot complain too much about that.
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Fishing Report -- 04-04-15

Michael, Oliver and Aidan were in town and joined me for a quick morning trip. It was full moon which is typically the kiss of death for fishing in this area. We started fishing inside which was really slow with Oliver starting things off by catching a Jack but that was it. Fortunately the ocean had calmed enough to get out so we decided to go on the hunt for the Spinner Sharks. This year the main concentration of the sharks left early but we managed to find a few stragglers. It wasn’t long before we had the first bite, unfortunately this resulted on a broken leader, weird but sometimes strange stuff happens. Next shark hooked was a jumper and broke the wire after a few jumps. Next shark was also a jumper and broke the leader and so it went until Michael and Oliver finally tag teamed a shark into submission and landed it, I think we must have had six sharks on before the first one was landed. Next was Oliver’s turn to pull on and land his shark. Just one of those weird days on the sharks where they are jumping a lot and causing all sorts of terminal tackle issues. I think the count was 8 hooked and two landed. In between catching the sharks Aidan and Michael were throwing jigs and Michael got a nice Pompano and Aidan got a Blue Runner or two. Thank goodness for the school of sharks we found which saved us from the curse of the full moon.
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Fishing Report -- 02-23-15

Franklin and Doug were on board for catching whatever the weather was allowing. First trip was Jacks and Bluefish. Jacks were a little fussy on the incoming tide but as soon as the tide changed so did the bite and then it was pretty much double up on Jacks as soon as the baits went down. The second trip was on the outside on a day where the ocean was still settling down from the rough day before. The sharks were around and somewhat cooperative and Franklin landed this decent fish before we decided it was still just a little too bumpy and we headed back inside. We didn’t see any Mackerel or Bluefish in the ocean today and that has pretty much been the case all winter. Hopefully next year won’t be another warm winter, we need that cold weather to push the Mackerel & Bluefish further south to reach us here.
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