Friday, December 13, 2013

Fishing Report -- 12-11-13

Today the mission was to target just Sailfish. It feels a little weird going fishing for sails when it is still so warm out. Winter may be a little delayed this year in reaching South Florida however the Sailfish seem to be right on time. Calm winds are the ticket to being able to reach the Sailfish this time of year in a flats boat, fortunately conditions were just right. Ollie ended up with two Sailfish to the boat and a visit from a Wahoo that bit us off just above the wire. Other than these fish things were pretty quiet out there. Two Sailfish, not a bad way to start off the holidays.  
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fishing Report -- 12-03-13

Dave and Dempsey were in town on somewhat of a nostalgic trip. Dave spent his childhood in West Palm Beach so it was very interesting to hear how things have changed since then. On the fishing side of things the mission was just to catch whatever would stretch the line. Lots of action was the plan. The trip was very busy with the father & son team catching Jack Crevalles, monster Bar Jacks, big Blue Runners, Cero Mackerel and having a shot at a Spinner Shark. Between the two of them they must have caught about 60 fish ranging from a few pounds to about 15 lbs. No really big fish landed but certainly a lot of action.
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